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My details are listed in the StopForumSpam.com database. Help!
Before you continue: Do not use a VPN. Period. As most spammers use them too and VPN exit-nodes are pretty much all banned and will not be subject to removal.

It appears your IP-address, email address or username appear in the stopforumspam.com database.

This is by NO MEANS an accusation to you personally! If you have a dynamic IP or a really easy (much used?) username, chance is that this all is a mere unhappy coincidence. Dynamic IP addresses cause most “false positive” results and usernames are the second on the list. If your chosen username is “ralph” or “brian” chance is that someone with less moral fiber than you has used this username to spam a forum somewhere on the Internet. And more than once, as stopforumspam does not list single entries, only multiple (recent) attacks.

This is a service we run to keep spammers, trolls and unwanted individuals out of our community and keeps our forums squeaky clean (most of the time). We have NO CONTROL over the database, the only way to get yourself “white listed” again is by going to their website and search for one of 3 things:

If you have a positive hit on one of the above, please read the following solutions:

  1. If it is your IP-ADDRESS that is listed, you can submit a request to have it removed. It is fairly common that users with a dynamic IP-address from usually smaller providers or countries get listed if one of their users is a spammer. No big deal, just explain this to them and they will remove the IP-address from the database.
  2. If it is your EMAIL ADDRESS that is listed, you may want to change your password to your account and/or use a different e-mail address all together. IP-addresses will be removed from the database, but email addresses are so specific (unique), that unless you have a really good reason, they will not remove that.
  3. If it is the USERNAME that is listed, it is usually because the username is either too simple, too common or just plain bad luck that someone impersonated you (or someone else with that username). The only way to get around this is to pick a different username. As with email addresses, usernames seldom get removed from the database as they are too specific/unique.

If you did not get a positive hit, please provide us with

  • your ip-address (www.whatismyip.com),
  • the e-mail address you provided and
  • the desired username

and we will see if we can trace as to what went wrong for you.

And please send us all information, as we cannot handle incomplete requests.

Where can I find the ArmA3 Schedule?

The schedule can be found here: https://www.tsbgamers.org/events/

Please save the link in your favorites as asking about it is usually frowned upon by senior members.

What is the ModSet for the ArmA3 ops?

Modsets can be found on the TSB ArmA Discord

General rule: Unless otherwise specified, the modset is ALWAYS the Training Server Modset also known as the Realism Modset.

Asking about it is usually frowned upon by the community, so save the link in your favorites and be sure to update regularly.

How can I become a member?

To become a member of TSB, you need to be AT LEAST 18 years of age and register on the “My TSBGamers” and complete the “Intro to TSB”. You also have to agree, and live by our Code of Conduct.

Register Here
After you validate your e-mail (check your SPAM-box, the activation e-mail sometimes ends up there), you are now a member.

Do I have to install TeamSpeak?
Yes, that is about the only requirement we have. As in most of the games there is no standard in-game voice chat, and the games that have it are unreliable at best. As such we have decided that TeamSpeak is our best option to have a reliable way to communicate and coordinate our actions.

We have found that Teamspeak, although a bit dated (They are working on that! Finally!), is still one of the best (if not the best) voice chat apps around. It has a multitude of plugins, it has 24/7 support a huge community support group and most importantly: It runs on our own servers, so no dependencies on third parties for support or control.

You may love Teamspeak, you may hate it, but truth is, there isn’t a better alternative on the market today.

And yes, we have a NFP-licence (Not For Profit) from Teamspeak for 2 virtual servers of 512 users.

Why do we use TeamSpeak instead of Discord?
For several reasons;

  1. Discord voice chat has proven unreliable with more than 4 people in a channel. On more than one occasion one or more people suddenly disconnect, start robotting or cut out all together. 4 doesn’t sound like a lot, but over the 2 years we’ve been using it, we’ve seen this happen on too many occasions to discount the fact that it happens.
  2. And with 40 or even 60 people simultaneously on a server, anything that can go wrong, will eventually go wrong. This means communications breakdown, chaos, in short; FUBAR.
  3. We do not have control over the Discord service(s). As long as we cannot rely on the Discord Service Servers, and there is no way to host that service ourselves, we feel that we are too dependent on their servers which have proven to be less than reliable.
  4. Discord is a startup, as long as we have no idea what their chosen method of revenue generation is or will be, (Ads in the chat? a banner in the app itself? pop-up ads? or even paid service?), we do not want to depend on their service until we know more. As we do not want to switch to an unreliable service (at best) from trusty old TeamSpeak to have to be forced back again.
  5. We use plugins for Teamspeak in the ArmA group that rely on TeamSpeak. Yes we know there are plugins under development for Discord, but they have been “under development” for over 2 years now. And with a full server, see points 1 and 2 again.
  6. Discord does not offer the level of Security that Teamspeak offers.
  7. Discord does not offer the amount of customization of groups and individuals as Teamspeak does.
  8. The JCS have voted against it. Yes, we could have listed this on top, but if the previous points didn’t convince you, this point probably won’t either. But that’s the way TSB works; it’s a democracy.
Can I sponsor TSB?

Please contact us with what you have in mind.

If by “sponsor” you mean Donate, please go here. We have all the available options listed there.

What is TSB?



Original TSB Logo

TSB is a community of gamers, a place made by gamers for gamers to find other gamers to play games with. We provide the platform for gamers to find other like-minded gamers to play games with. Whether it’d be Minecraft, ArmA, Battlefield™, FarCry™ or any other multiplayer game. TSB will have gamers playing your game, and you can connect with them, talk to them, play together and have fun!

TSB originally stands for “Tough Shit, Baby”. This was a taunt we used when people started getting butthurt or complain about things out of anyone’s scope of control.

As our founders grew tired of all the complaining and the drama involved, they started their own community where they would strive to play with people that were also tired of the constant moaning, complaining and drama.

Today TSB is a widely oriented community with over 2000 registered members.

Who are the founders and/or Leaders of TSB?

TSB is not led by one individual, it is a 100% democracy. All major decisions are made with a majority vote by the Council. As we have 5 Council members this means that 3 out of 5 have to agree before anything major takes effect.

Over the years we’ve had a few people leading this community from the original founders to the current Council.

The founders of TSB are:

  • TSB4U – Retired (01-2021).
  • Wizzard46 – Retired (01-2015).
  • UKSniper – Retired (12-2017).
  • ImithRian – Retired (01-2016).
  • VANUCCI – Retired (04-2015).

Retired JCS (since the founders):

  • LongRangeBeaver aka LRB aka LRBeaver – Retired (15-05-2018)

TSB is currently led by the JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff):

  • AuntyStatic – Game Servers & Web Development
  • BjornTHV – Infrastructure (Servers & Software) & Social Media
  • bLLLLman – Recruitment & Retention & Game Spotter
  • Sniperwolf52 – Community Relations & Recruitment

Vacancies are at the discretion of the Council members; unsolicited applications are rejected.

Can I create a clan/guild/group/faction in game X with TSB in the name?

There are a few conditions, but if you stick to them; yes, you can.

  1. If a TSB officer/JCS comes into the game, he/she needs to be added as owner/co-owner or the highest available rank other than the creator (which is you). Or an rank/position needs to be created that allows the TSB officer to basically do all the things the owner does (other than disband/kick you out).
  2. You need to use the TSB logo, or if you can only use pre-made logo’s, one that resembles TSB as close as possible (like a logo with 5 stars or something similar).
  3. The members in your guild/group/clan/faction need to either sign up as TSB member or be verified TSB members. You may give them 7 days to register with TSB, if they refuse or decline, they cannot stay in that group.

If you can’t or don’t want to adhere to the above conditions, please ask one of the officers if they own the game and want to set up the group, or do not use the TSB tags/logo/motto at all.

Can I recruit new members?

Yes, you can!

But please keep the following in mind:

  1. No “poaching” members from other squads/clans/groups/communities. Unless they approach you, you can’t “steal” or “poach” them. They have to voluntarily come to TSB.
  2. They need to be 18 years of age MINIMUM, we do NOT make exceptions. Sorry.
  3. They need to sign up on the forums or on the website and have their email validated and approved.

So, happy hunting!

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