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Original TSB Logo

TSB is a community of gamers, a place made by gamers for gamers to find other gamers to play games with. We provide the platform for gamers to find other like-minded gamers to play games with. Whether it’d be Minecraft, ArmA, Battlefield™, FarCry™ or any other multiplayer game. TSB will have gamers playing your game, and you can connect with them, talk to them, play together and have fun!

TSB originally stands for “Tough Shit, Baby”. This was a taunt we used when people started getting butthurt or complain about things out of anyone’s scope of control.

As our founders grew tired of all the complaining and the drama involved, they started their own community where they would strive to play with people that were also tired of the constant moaning, complaining and drama.

Today TSB is a widely oriented community with over 2000 members.

The founders of TSB are:

  • TSB4U – Still active as JCS.
  • Wizzard46 – Retired (01-2016).
  • UKSniper – Retired (12-2017).
  • ImithRian – Retired (01-2016).
  • VANUCCI – Retired (04-2015).

Retired JCS (since the founders):

  • LongRangeBeaver aka LRB aka LRBeaver – Retired (15-05-2018)

TSB is currently led by the JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff):

  • AuntyStatic – Game Servers & Web Development
  • BjornTHV – Infrastructure (Servers & Software) & Social Media
  • BLLLLman – Recruitment & Retention & Game Spotter
  • TSB4U – Social Media & Public Relations
  • Sniperwolf – Community Relations & Recruitment

*= Vacancies are at the discretion of the JCS; you may not apply for this position.

To become a member of TSB, you need to be at LEAST 16 years of age and register either on the website or on the forums (as they are synchronized).

After you validate your e-mail (check your SPAM-box, the activation e-mail sometimes ends up there), you are now a member.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We’d love it if you do, but you don’t HAVE to. We don’t force anyone to do anything, but it makes it easier to identify you in the field or in other games for our other members. However it is not allowed to use other teams’ tags, banners, patches within TSB. Either you fly the TSB colors, or none at all.

In all honesty, we have over 2000 registered members, of whom  a steady 100 are online at any given time on Teamspeak and our Discord, the chance that we have someone for you to connect and play with is quite good. You are always welcome to join in, and ask! After all, it’s free.

And if you can’t find them, post about it in our forums. Chance is that someone will respond.

There are a few conditions, but if you stick to them; yes, you can.

  1. If a TSB officer/JCS comes into the game, he/she needs to be added as owner/co-owner or the highest available rank other than the creator (which is you). Or an rank/position needs to be created that allows the TSB officer to basically do all the things the owner does (other than disband/kick you out).
  2. You need to use the TSB logo, or if you can only use pre-made logo’s, one that resembles TSB as close as possible (like a logo with 5 stars or something similar).
  3. The members in your guild/group/clan/faction need to either sign up as TSB member or be verified TSB members. You may give them 7 days to register with TSB, if they refuse or decline, they cannot stay in that group.

If you can’t or don’t want to adhere to the above conditions, please ask one of the officers if they own the game and want to set up the group, or do not use the TSB tags/logo/motto at all.

Yes, you can!

But please keep the following in mind:

  1. No “poaching” members from other squads/clans/groups/communities. Unless they approach you, you can’t “steal” or “poach” them. They have to voluntarily come to TSB.
  2. They need to be 16 years of age MINIMUM, we do NOT make exceptions. Sorry.
  3. They need to sign up on the forums or on the website and have their email validated and approved.

So, happy hunting!