TSBGamers aka TSB has NOTHING to do with the clanwar that is going on on the XBox and PlayStation Network. We are NOT the same group, nor do we have members under the age of 16. If you are here claiming to be a TSB member or XGN member and ask us about this, please do not expect a warm welcome, and be prepared to receive an instant BAN for (ab)using our name and/or involving us in alleged illegal actions. Our members NEVER have “TSB” in their username as this has to be earned, not claimed. If you are here to complain/talk/ask about someone or a group with “TSB” in their username, you are in the wrong place. We, as TSB Gamers, do not condone these actions and distantiate ourselves from these individuals. If you want to be sure if they are our TSB members, our memberlist is located here.

This form is NOT intended for:

  • Ban Appeals
  • Disciplinary Appeals
  • Voluntary Job Applications
  • SPAM (We have a spamfilter)

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