Please read the following VERY CAREFULLY. The success of your appeal depends on it.

What this form is for

  • If you have received a time out (of OVER 30 days) or dishonerable discharge (permanent ban) from TSB, and you want to appeal it.
  • If this is your first appeal.
  • It has been less than 7 days since the disciplinary action has been taken.

What this form is NOT for

  • Hurt feelings or general butt-hurt. There are other forms for that.
  • If the disciplinary action was taken longer than 7 days ago
  • If you have filed an appeal for the same action before.
  • If you have been “kicked” from any of our servers for inappropriate behavior; Consider this a warning. Warnings cannot be appealed.
  • If your time-out is less than 30 days; by the time we have gone through the process, your time-out will have expired.
  • If you have already filed an appeal for your time-out or dishonerable discharge and you have not heard from us (yet).
  • If your last appeal for the case you want brought to our attention was less than 6 months ago; in which case your appeal will be rejected by default. You may only appeal once and in case of ongoing disciplinary measures only once per 6 months.
    • In this instance your case WILL be rejected by default and the 6 months interval starts all over again from that moment.

How this works (Process)

  • Once submitted you will receive a copy at the e-mail address specified.
  • You have to allow us (up to) 30 days to read, verify and investigate the matter.
  • We will re-interview all the involved parties, verify the evidence and weigh the evidence accordingly.
  • Once a decision has been reached, that decision is final. You CAN NOT appeal an appeal.

Please read the full Disciplinary Policy section on Appeals if you want details on the process.

If you have read all the above and you want to continue, please fill in the form below. You accept all the terms applicable to the TSB Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary policy.


    General Information

    Your Username:

    Your E-mail address:

    Date of Disciplinary action:

    Action taken:

    Have you appealed before?



    Which staff member has disciplined you?

    Please tell us why the disciplinary action was taken:

    Please provide us with your side of the story:

    List all your evidence here:Links to youtube, pastebin, images, etc.

    Please provide us with all the names, one per line, of (potential) witnesses:

    Additional comments for consideration

    Please read before pressing submit: We at TSB will do everything we can to treat you as fairly as we can. We will listen to both sides of the story and we will make a fair judgement. However, you may only appeal ONCE per 6 months and only if you have NEW evidence that has not been previously considered.

    I agree to these terms, The TSB Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary Policy.

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