Code of Conduct

TSB is first and foremost an open gaming community. We do NOT define ourselves as “clan” as we do NOT limit ourselves to one game, developer, publisher or even type of game. Our community is all about creating a calm, safe and friendly environment for gamers to meet other gamers, play games together or just hang out on one of our many platforms.

In order to achieve our goal, we have set ourselves a “code of conduct”, a list of rules and guidelines that we all need to adhere to in order to call ourselves members of TSB. This IS our code of conduct, we ARE our code of conduct.

  1. All TSB recruits, members and staff (hereafter: members) are expected to follow this Code of Conduct (CoC), The TSB Rules and Regulations (i.e. the Disciplinary policy) as well as all applicable Laws, End User Licence Agreements (EULA’s) and Terms of Services (TOS’s). By becoming or being a member you are bound by these terms.
  2. The Code of Conduct is applicable to ALL platforms TSB is represented on, this includes, but isn’t limited to: Forums, Website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, TeamSpeak, Discord, Discus, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. The Disciplinary Policy AND Streaming Policy are part of the Code of Conduct and are enforced as such.
  4. TSB members may only have one (1) membership account with TSB per natural person.
    1. Clarification: You are allowed to have more than one account in games or on steam (aliases/sockpuppets/smurfs), but we allow only one account per NATURAL person for TSB membership.
    2. Creating more than one account for a single person, for whatever reason, may result in all accounts being locked and immidiate membership revocation.
    3. Creating alternate accounts to evade time-outs or dishonorable discharges, so called “ban-evasion”, is strictly prohibited.
  5. The MINIMUM age to join TSB is 18 years. TSB cares about protecting Children and enforces this minimum age limit strictly.
    1. Members found to be under the age of 18 after signing up for TSB will be held back with immediate effect and have their account locked/disabled and/or deleted indefinitely or until they reach the age of 18.
    2. TSB reserves the right to refuse members of 18 years and older who have proven not being able to “act maturely”.
    3. We DO NOT make exceptions to our minimum age limit for ANY reason. It is a hard limit, no exceptions.
  6. TSB members are expected to show best behavior and courtesy to members and non-members alike. The following conduct is therefore unbecoming of a TSB member:
    1. Discrimination – This includes, but is NOT limited to: Race, Color, Gender, Age, Sexual preference, Sexual orientation, Location, Religion, Personal Interests, Personal Investment, Job, Social Class or Wealth.
    2. Trolling – This includes but isn’t limited to the Forums, TeamSpeak and Discord.
    3. Feeding the Trolls – Just don’t.
    4. Gossiping/Backstabbing – If you have a disagreement with someone, tell it to their face. Don’t be a Karen by backchanneling your “wisdom”.
    5. Flaming/Harassment – Attacking someone directly or indirectly, “making it personal” isn’t allowed. Sometimes the wisest action is to “Agree to disagree”.
    6. Recruiting/Poaching – The act of recruiting and/or luring members from other clans and communities to TSB or away from TSB is prohibited. We do allow members to have more than one clan affiliation. TSB is NOT mutually exclusive, however also make sure that this is in accordance with the Rules or CoC of the other community/clan.
    7. Threatening behavior – Threatening someone else or threatening your own well-being is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: Physical Harassment, Stalking, Threatening with violence or Threatening with Suicide or self-harming.
    8. Extremism – Extremism statements, support or ideology is strictly prohibited. We’re a gaming community, not a political or religious oriented group.
    9. Cheating – Cheating in TSB is not just “not done” it is also reason for an instant Dishonorable Discharge (Permanent and irrevocable ban).
      1. Cheating is defined as: Using any means to gain an unfair advantage over others or to gain or obtain means that are otherwise not available by “normal” gameplay.
      2. This includes but isn’t limited to using exploits, god-moding, meta-gaming, trainers, aimbots and other game-hacks.
      3. This does NOT include the “Zeus” mode in ArmA 3, as this is part of the “normal” game mode.
      4. This does NOT include offline or “single player” games; As long as you don’t stream, record or advertise this behavior in TSB or with the TSB name.
      5. Cheating for the purpose of testing a game in a closed group, announcing this beforehand and ALL other participants being aware is OK as long as the “cheats” are only used to test the game and nothing more. Do not stream, record or publish the cheating actions. You are allowed to record the results and edit out the actual cheating (i.e. for a review).
    10. Adult Content – Although we are a mature group, underage people still visit our site. Do not post or share NSFW content. If you can’t show it to your (imaginary) 4 year old sister, it’s not something we wish to see.
    11. Defamation – Defaming or “shaming” others by name or in any way that can be related to that person. The only exception is video evidence showing blatant rule violations such as cheating.
    12. Doxing/Doxxing – Sharing personal information that may be used for malicious purposes; other than information already shared and available in public, within TSB, or shared by an outside source or link. Any info or images acquired through illegal or questionable methods can not be shared within TSB. This includes, but isn’t limited to: Address, selfies, personal files and/or documents.
  7. TSB members are allowed to have and show off avatars (Profile Pictures). Although we allow almost anything we do have a few things we do not wish to have in our community:
    1. Empty Avatars – If you do not wish an avatar, please delete it or do not upload one at all.
    2. NSFW – Any and all imagery containing content that could (potentially) be seen as Not Safe For Work (See Adult Content in the previous code).
    3. Nazi Symbology – Although we accept and acknowledge that the swastika symbol has other meanings, the usage in our group is prohibited. Also images containing (hints to) SS symbology and Hitler is prohibited.
    4. Extremism – Images containing (glorification of) extremism are not allowed, this includes, but is not limited to: Antifa, KKK, (Neo)Nazism, (alt-)right, (IS)IS, etc.
    5. Advertising – Avatars with advertising or advertisements is not allowed. Period.
    6. Religion – Although we allow and respect your religion, this is not the place to discuss or show off your religion.
  8. TSB members are not to be involved in illegal behavior or actions. This includes, but is not limited to Swatting, Warez, Cracks, Cracking, Hacking or otherwise defaming the TSB name.
  9. TSB believes in free speech, however it is advised to forgo sensitive or controversial topics such as, but not limited to, finances, politics and religion. When another member (or staff) ask to change the topic, it has gone too far. Agree to disagree and respect each others opinions, even if they differ from your own.
  10. TSB doesn’t have many layers, ranks or seniority, However we do ask you to respect the minimal chain of command that we do have:
    Recruit/Member Junior Staff Senior Staff Council.
  11. TSB members may NOT use the TSB name without prior written permission. This includes, but is not limited to: Creating clans/tribes/guilds or groups in games or on social media.
  12. TSB encourages an “open door policy“; this means that people higher up the chain of command should be open to listen to you. Staff members are however free to “close the door” if they are unable or unwilling to engage in conversation at that time.
  13. TSB staff are expected to maintain proper conduct, professionalism and maintain a level of competency at all times. All staff and their position are subject to review and replacement. Accepting a staff position is an honor, a privilege, and comes with certain responsibilities. If you can’t do the job, please do not accept the position.
  14. The position of council member is for life or until they retire voluntarily.
    1. A council member may be “Assumed Retired” after 6 months of absence and no contact, at which point his/her position will become vacant and the council members may replace the council member.
    2. A council member that has retired either by choice or by absence loses all entitlements in TSB with regards to rank and position.
  15. Any TSB member who willingly and knowingly (attempts) to destroy, harm, hack or render useless any assets of TSB, whether it’s be accidental or purposefully, is subject to legal prosecution and replacement-fees.

TSB enforces the code of conduct, however TSB cannot be held responsible or liable for it’s members or members of the public claiming to be members of TSB.

The council members and staff have the power to overrule or enforce the above rules at their discretion; but do not assume their leniency as weakness.

Last update: September 29th 2023 – Added §6.12

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