TSB Gamers used to have a massive hierarchy, unpractical if you have more than a hundred members, really. After the simplification of the Hierarchy in January of 2019, we ended up with the hierarchy that is listed below.

TSB Council Member

Council members are the leaders of the community. Together they decide the general direction of TSB, it’s policies, rules and manage the community as a whole.

TSB council members are staff members as much as everyone else, and have their own area of responsibilities and expertise. Feel free to contact them if you have any suggestions, grievances or general comments.

Council members are voted in among Council members for the simple reason that Council members need to get along, have similar ideas and need to have certain competencies. As such they are “hand picked” and asked to take seat in the council. That seat is theirs until such time they either vacate that seat voluntarily or when they are presumed “retired” after 6 months of inactivity and no contact. see the Code of Conduct for the details.

TSB Senior Staff

Senior staff are those member with a management position among staff members. They have the sole and/or shared responsibility over a game section, or another vital part of the TSB community, such as the Forum admins, Discord admins or Teamspeak Server admins. But these are just examples of Senior staff positions.

Senior staff positions usually exceed that of a single game section and serves all of TSB Gamers as a whole.

Our senior staff is hand-picked by the council from the junior staff, and are asked to take responsibility. We aim to have 1 Senior staff member for every 3 or 4 junior Staff members. However, as stated above, Senior Staff members would also have to be able to offer something to the community. As such, it may happen that we don’t have any Senior Staff positions available and the ratio may be slightly off.

TSB Junior Staff

Junior staff members have shown to “step up” and take responsibility within TSB Gamers. They are rewarded with this role by the council for past and current work in a specific section of the community or in a non-management role in the community as a whole.

Our junior staff are usually regular members of the community with some extra responsibilities, from writing articles on the website, welcoming new members to the Teamspeak and/or moderating the Teamspeak to writing articles or reviews for the website.

TSB Members

TSB members are you and me, we all are. Even the staff and council members are members to begin with.


To be, and remain, a member in TSB we only ask 3 things:

  • Post an introduction on the forums to get the rank (ask for it in the Teamspeak)
  • If you know or think you are going to be absent for more than 2 weeks, post it on the forums in “Leave of Absence” so we don’t delete your account.
  • Log in to the forum at least once per 6 months to keep your account active. If it gets pruned, you’ve lost your membership perks and entitlements.


TSB Recruit

TSB Recruits are our newest members, or those not willing, able or capable to write an introduction on the forums.

If you want to become a full member, with all privileges and perks, please write an intro here. We promise you, it won’t hurt.

To earn your “full membership” there is only one requirement: Write a simple and comprehensive introduction on the forums. It needs to be more than one line of text and it has to contain Age, Sex and Location (State if you reside in the U.S.A.).

Why we ask of this information?

First of all, we need to know if you are willing to put the time in to even write an introduction. If you’re not willing to even write an introduction, you’re probably not going to do training and you may drop out after a few months. It’s kind of a commitment-check.

Secondly we want the bare minimum requirements of age, sex and location to determine:

  • If you are of legal age (18+ to join TSB).
  • Whether you’re a male or female; the one in your passport, not the one you identify with the most, so to speak.
  • and where, in global sense, you are from. So we can determine what your timezone is.

And no, this information is not relatable to you. How many [insert age here] year old [male/females] do you think live in [insert country/state]?

This all boils down to what games, ops and events we do in TSB Gamers.

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