Streaming Policy

TSB encourages streaming and promoting both it’s members as well as the community as a whole. In this policy we have a couple of RULES and a couple of GUIDELINES. The difference between the two is that the rules need to be adhered to, and the guidelines are tips, things we encourage but do not enforce.


  1. The Code of Conduct applies.
  2. You do NOT speak “on behalf of TSB”, ever. If your viewers ask questions about TSB refer them to the website or the contact-form.
  3. You do represent TSB, so behave yourself and treat your viewers with respect.
  4. As streamer YOU are responsible for your content. If you can’t show it to your mother, then it probably doesn’t belong on the Internet.
  5. You are allowed and even encouraged to use the TSB logo’s in your stream or on your start/stop/pause/ads screen.
  6. You are NOT allowed to use TSB logo’s that have not been approved, self-made or modified in any way.
  7. If you stream and/or record someones Ops, and you are not the creator, you need to ask permission as they may not want that publicized (yet) or some content (such as training content) may be proprietary. Short clips are OK, but not the full content. Again, ask for permission.
  8. If and when you are going to stream and/or record, please announce it to all the participants, so they are aware of it and have a chance to opt-out if they are not happy with the prospect of being “live” on the internet.
  9. If you are Streaming and/or recording and a new participant enters, you have to make them verbally aware that you are Streaming or Recording; passively implying is NOT enough.
  10. If anyone has a problem with your Streaming and/or recording, you have to stop streaming and/or recording.
    1. Exception 1: If you join an OP where the host and or other participants are streaming the op and this is announced beforehand. You can not ask/demand them to stop, but you are allowed to leave.
    2. Exception 2: If someone is streaming AND they are in a steaming channel AND they are clearly marked as streaming (TS Tag), they do not have to stop, but you can leave.
  11. Naming & Shaming is NOT DONE, EVER.


  1. Please focus your video’s on the positive, not the negative. Sure, it’s fun to show some good FUBAR content, however don’t linger in it, and don’t name and shame. Try to remain objective.
  2. If you record or stream something, it would be nice to link back to the community, this is of course not required, but nice, as we are recruiting after all and we want the community to grow.
  3. We have a logopack with HD resolution Logo’s available here (Font is included for use in i.e. ticker-tapes or custom GFX): DOWNLOAD. Do NOT create your own logo’s, as they are standardized; you can contact JCS BjornTHV if you have specific requirements or requests.


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