TSB is a non-profit organization, ran by 100% volunteers (gamers for gamers). Even though everything in TSB is free (and we intend to keep it that way), we rely on donations to lift the burden on those who pay for it all.

Please note that this balance is for 2018, and that the current year report will not be published until december 2019. You can follow the current year here.

TSB Financial Balance for 2018

The below balance notes all the amounts per year, and will be updated as the year progresses. Here we show that what seems to be free, actually isn’t…

Update: December 31st 2018

Item Debet € per year Debet $ per year* Item Credit € per year Credit $ per year*
Server Website & Teamspeak € 900,- $1080 Donations Patreon € 118,- $141
Game Servers € 900,- $1080 Donations Paypal € 1245,- $1494
Subscriptions (updates,  etc.) € 170,- $200 Other Donations € 15,- $18
Domain Names (3) € 30,- $35 Ad Revenue (Website & Forum) € 68,- $82
SSL Certificates € 100,- $120 Sub-Total € 1446,- $1735
One Time Fees € 225 $ 265 Deficit €879,- $1045
Total €2325,- $2780 Total €2325,- $2780

*= Amount in Dollars is fluctuating based on the current exchange rate (± $1.20 to €1) and may be inaccurate; the amount in Euro’s is always correct.

Note: For those not so financially gifted; the important amount is the deficit. The deficit is the amount of money we have to cough up but actually don’t have.

Want to help us?

TSB lives on donations from the community to help pay for the community. So effectively the community helps itself to sustain itself.

We understand that not everyone has the ability to donate, but if only half our members donate $2 per year, we could survive without anyone having to fill the deficit gap.

NOTE: Our financial year runs from January 1st until December 31st. All donations count towards the CURRENT year, and your perks (if not renewed) will last until December 31st of the current year.


If you can spare a small amount per month instead of per year, please consider a Patreon subscription. In the end, we have to pay the bills per month, not per year.

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