As TSB is slowly growing, more and more people join the community. Sometimes it’s nice to know and learn a bit more about the people behind the community, the people making it all possible as well as to hear from it’s members, the people that make up the community. We thought it would be nice to spotlight a member of the community every week to get to know them. This week is the forty fourth fifth in this entire series where we are only five more away from huawei five-0…….sorry uh moving on we have someone whom has been very active in more ways than one proving that gamers can be more than couch potatoes with this gamer called Vankrom.

So, Who are you?

“I’m a 27-year-old former woodland ranger currently studying welding and fabrication in Wirral of United Kingdom.”

What is your job in TSB?

“Other than my role as a mission host I am just an average (if even that) T-2 who enjoys being in the Autorifleman role as infantry or either a driver or gunner in-vehicle crews.”

What makes you happy?

“When at my PC I like to help people out on games like Elite Dangerous where I used to run with the fuel rats; Offline however it can be anything from Cycling, Rock Climbing or working on some home improvements.”

What is your #1 song on your playlist?

“If I HAVE to pick one it would be Sanctified with Dynamite by Powerwolf however My Name Is Murder by Brendon Small is hot on its heels.”

What is your all-time favorite game at this point in time? and why?

“Recently been getting stuck into Titanfall 2 with a few others in TSB. Nothing quite like punching someone into red mist as they are mid-air trying to climb onto your mech.”

How long have you been a gamer? And how long have you been in TSB?

“From a rather young age, I can recall getting a PlayStation 1 for Christmas when I was small, the blocky original one not that weird smooth downscaled version. As for TSB, I have been here just shy of a year.”

What got you started in Gaming? And why did you join TSB?

“Where I grew up was quite rural with my school being a 2-hour drive away I suppose my Nan felt it would give me something to do. As for TSB, I joined because I had been looking for a community that played Arma among other things but wasn’t some super strict “yes sir no sir” mil-sim rubbish.”

What do you consider your greatest gaming moment/achievement? and in TSB? Can you tell us a bit about it?

“My greatest moments are when I am in a vehicle crew as the inter crew communication is spot on along with when we get to wreak havoc on enemy vics and infantry…without some friendly soldier playing chicken with us in the road.”

What was your biggest gaming blunder? and in TSB?

“I still remember this one quite vividly, I was a gunner in an AMV-7 Marshall and a passenger called out a helicopter and all I saw was its nose pointing right at us so I opened up on it only to later find out it was a friendly resupply helicopter being flown by Badwolf I believe. Even though folks said it was very accurate fire I still was very quiet when it was mentioned in debrief.”

If you were one of the Council members in TSB, what would you change, and why?

“Due to the sheer amount of recent changes, I would probably wait to see what happens though I must admit for any changes we do there must be some way for current and established members to be recognized as members on the new system.”

What has been some of the best moments you’ve had?

“If we are talking about TSB, then probably most of the pre-mission banter that flows forth like a flood gate has been opened. Outside of TSB it would be doing rock climbing at Black Cuillin and Siudhe Biorachon which are near Isle Of Skye in Scotland.”

What do you typically use to game?

CPU: I5-6600K
Mobo: Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1
Ram: 16gb
GPU: 1080 Zotac Amp! Extreme
Storage: Samsung 850-Evo SSD’s”

If you were to describe TSB in as few words as possible, what would they be? (10 words max!)

“A multinational cacophony of laughter and pure unbridled chaotic energy.”

Favorite food and/or drink?

“My favourite food is pizza which I make myself with the toppings of chicken, red onions, bacon and mixed peppers. As for a drink probably Lancashire Mead Company’s Viking’s Blood Mead which is a lovely melomel (fruited honey mead).”

If you were to pick the next interview to be published, who would it be, and why?

“Abraham Hark one of my fellow British blokes!”

What would you ask this person you want interviewed?

“Will you ever stop eating cheese squares in your skivvies like some sort of savage?”

Now Emz had a question from their interview: “Just how squishy are you?”

“Considerably less squishy than you flyboy, better watch out for those HE rounds from an AA battery!”

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