We at TSB are proud to present to you our first official foray into World of Warcraft Classic, if you want to get involved please contact PogoLeaf through teamspeak and/or add EvoKimmi#2579 direct on battle net.

Pogo and EvoKimmi have been playing WoW since Vanilla and Burning Crusade respectively but we do not know everything, so we are looking for some help from some experienced players within TSB who want to commit to help organising events and filling the knowledge hole we have.

For information purposes as with everything in TSB this is an 18 plus guild and we aren’t here to babysit. Put the time in and we will as well, between us we will be killing Hordies before you know it more information will be coming soon as we develop our guild within the community.

Thank you all and “FOR THE HOR….*cough*Alliance”.


Server: Skullflame [EU]
Faction: Alliance
Race: Whatever you want “cough gnome master race”
Guild Name: TSB

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