Last fall we had an article posted here about the TableTop community within TSB Gamers, as the group is slowly growing, the campaigns are expanding and there is more and more to do, we thought it was about time to show what they have to offer.

The table top section is a group of people that play, host, maintain and train people in different roleplaying systems and games such as Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons as well as Shadowrun. They are at this moment hosting several campaigns and have drop in campaigns running. Ad-hoc “one-shot” games run on request or if there are enough participants.

The tabletop section has introduced something new to our community: Workshops. They are hosting Workshops for beginners as well as advanced players. Starting at an introduction to roleplaying all the way to hosting your own sessions. Information about the free workshops, campaigns and enrollment can be found further down in the article.

They also post information on the TSB Discord and the Forums.

“Hi I’m Slade, innkeeper of the Tabletop Tavern, the primary hangout for the tabletop community. Feel free to drop in and say hello, ask questions or talk with anyone in the channel. If you are interested in joining a campaign this is a good place to start as many of our DM’s hang out here and they are more than happy to talk about the campaigns they are running.“

How to join

It’s easy! Join TSB Gamers and the Teamspeak and go to the helpdesk if you are new to TSB Gamers. If you are an existing member, go to the Tavern and ask about the Tabletop section.

Tabletop Contacts

Contact Maniac646, Slade, Can of Toast or any of the Tabletop Experts via TeamSpeak, Discord or the Forums if you have any further questions.


The Tabletop Experts are hosting several workshops centered around introducing new players to the Tabletop Genre as well as catering to the more advanced players with in-depth workshops pertaining to the development of their skills.

The Current workshops being offered:

  • Basic 5th Edition – This workshop will get you started with basic character creation and basic rules (60-90min.) : [Prerequisites: none; anyone can join!]
  • Advanced 5th Edition – This workshop is for the more advanced players to develop their skills. This workshop includes party tactics, character creation with limitations and improvisation (90-180min.) : [Prerequisites: You need to have successfully completed Basic 5th Edition to attend this workshop]
  • Introduction to DungeonMaster – For those who want to turn the tables, and want to develop the skills required to be a DM, this workshop is for you! This workshop includes Basic dungeon-, world- & lore building skills, basic encounters, NPC interaction, Player monitoring & mediation. (120-180min.) : [Prerequisites: You need to have successfully completed Basic 5th Edition & Advanced 5th Edition to attend this workshop.]


Currently the Tabletop Section hosts several (drop-in) campaigns as well as ad-hoc “one-shot” games that should play out in a single session. So you don’t have to commit to a full series, you can, if you lack the time, just go for “one-shot” events or a “drop in campaign”. “drop-in campaigns” are similar to a “one-shot” with one difference; It has a continuing storyline and you can keep your character or play each session with a different one to try out new things. So you can choose to show up once, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to continue.

However, If you are a regular, you can also choose to join a real campaign that hosts once a week and has a continuing storyline and characters all the way through. This is more exciting as you will develop both the story as well as your character along the way.


Hosted by Slade

  • Shadowrun 5e called Children of the Cog
    • Techno-religion attempts world domination.
    • Slots available: 0 / 6 (full)*
  • DND 5e with pathfinder kingmaker elements called No Lies Before God
    • Psychopaths attempts to build a kingdom.
    • Slots available: 0 / 6 (full)*

Hosted by Maniac646

  • Warhammer 40K FFG (DeathWatch) Called: Final Sanction
    • Xenophobes stamp out bugs.
    • Slots available: 0 / 6 (full)*
  • Coriolis – The Third Horizon with name TBD
    • Description: Firefly with an Arabian Nights theme. Based on a D6 system.
    • Slots available: 1 / 5 (1 Slot available)*

Hosted by Can of Toast

  • D&D 3.5 with no name
    • Description: N/A
    • Slots available: 1 / 5 (1 Slot available)*
  • D&D 5e called Merchants Gambit [Drop in Campaign]
    • Description: N/A
    • Slots available: 6 / 6 (All slots Available; New Campaign)*

Hosted by The Forbidden

  • D&D 5e called Divine Artifacts [Drop in Campaign
    • Description: A group of heroes is attempting to save the world from encroaching darkness.
    • Slots available: 6 / 6 (6 Slots available; New Campaign)*

Hosted by OzzyThunder

  • D&D 5e Called Survivors
    • Description: Escaped criminals surviving the wilderness and avoiding the law.
    • Slots available: 0 / 6 (full)*

Hosted by Reno Sonozaki

  • DND SE called Lost Souls (Slots 3/9)
    • Description: An out of luck group of adventurers trying to find their place in this chaotic world.
    • Slots available: 3 / 9 (3 Slots available)*

* = Slots may be occupied or opened after posting of this article. All information correct at the time of publishing.

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