As TSB is slowly growing, more and more people join the community. Sometimes it’s nice to know and learn a bit more about the people behind the community, the people making it all possible as well as to hear from it’s members, the people that make up the community. We thought it would be nice to spotlight a member of the community every week to get to know them. This week is the twentyfirst in the series with someone who you might have seen flying a bit too low: Mallen.

So, who is Mallen?

“My names Mallen, at the moment I’m a Waiter hoping to join the Royal Navy as a Pilot in the UK.”

What is your job in TSB?

“My job officially is to do nothing, unofficially I’m the guy who does decent ops like once a month and the “Nicest” T-3.”

What makes you happy?

“A lot of things in my life make me happy,
Flying and Gaming are probably the main ones though.”

What is your #1 song on your playlist?

“I’ve never really thought about my favourite song, but I’d say “Fireflies” by Owl city is one I always come back to.”

What is your all-time favorite game at this point in time? and why?

“Its truly a toss-up between Arma 3 and Destiny 2. Arma is great for strategy teamwork and having a large amount of unique content to go have fun on. But there’s also something about going into the Crucible on Destiny 2 and just popping heads mindlessly for hours on end that you just can’t beat.”

How long have you been a gamer? And how long have you been in TSB?

“I’ve been a long-time gamer ever since the ripe old age of 8 playing on a Nintendo DS lite and PS3’s before moving on to PC, and so far, I’ve been in TSB for about 1.5 Years.”

What got you started in Gaming? And why did you join TSB?

“I can’t really say what got me “Into” gaming, but if it had to be anything then it would be me wanting to be able to beat my dad at COD: World at War so bad that I started enjoying it.
I joined TSB through Liru, I saw his streams and decided I could do better than most of the playerbase, and TBH I’d say I was right!”

What do you consider your greatest gaming moment/achievement? and in TSB? Can you tell us a bit about it?

“My greatest gaming moment ever was in the original Destiny, in the Crota’s end Raid I tried my hand at being the sword bearer (AKA the most important person) and had such an amazing feeling that I physically had to lie down to stop myself passing out!

I have had so many Great moments in TSB, from flying WAY to close to friendly Vic’s in Apache’s to yeeting myself through an AO with only random people from other squads. So, the best moment is probably on an Impossible OP where I was the drone op, everyone in the AO had died, I went into the AO with a bunch of javelins and made Liru admit I had won because he just couldn’t kill me even with invincible units!”

What was your biggest gaming blunder? and in TSB?

“My biggest gaming blunder was in TSB! When I was a Young OI Drone operator I forgot to switch away from thermals during a stealth op and proceeded to send the team directly in front of a manned checkpoint with no concealment, I was yelled at ALOT for that, I believe I’ve done this at least twice which honestly, I can’t explain how…”

If you were one of the Council in TSB, what would you change, and why?

“Honestly not too much, probably delete a fair number of the gaming channels that just aren’t used.”

What has been some of the best moments you’ve had?

“Whenever I’m in an airframe and do escorts roughly 1-5m above the Vic’s and just dunking anything that comes through, especially if its in the Xian because its just so hard to do, I do love just showing off with air most of the time!”

What do you typically use to game?

“Usually just my good old PC.”

If you were to describe TSB in as few words as possible, what would they be? (10 words max!)

“You won’t forget your screw ups!”

Favorite food and/or drink?

“Favourite food is definitely a good Burger.
Favourite drink is just some classic coke, I am a boring man.”

If you were to pick the next interview to be published, who would it be, and why?

“NanoStar13, because he’s the best “worst” pilot in TSB”

What would you ask this person you want interviewed?

“What’s your opinion on being the worst pilot in TSB?”

Now Sgt. Tyn had a question from his interview: “I’d like to aks him if he plans on getting any more cars stuck in salt flats?”

“In my defence, you can land planes on it in Arma so I was given the wrong impression!”

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