It has been some time from the last interview, but we’re starting off with one that’s been in the works for a long time. As TSB is slowly growing, more and more people join the community. Sometimes it’s nice to know and learn a bit more about the people behind the community, the people making it all possible as well as to hear from it’s members, the people that make up the community. We thought it would be nice to spotlight a member of the community every week to get to know them. We’re back with the latest interview and we’re starting off with Liru whom is one of the heads of the Arma section as the eighteenth in the series.

So, who is Lcpl Liru?

“Im Liru, usually the butt end of a joke that helps Wolf keep things going for Arma’s section within TSB.”

What is your job in TSB?

“I run a good portion of the ops, help administrate things, make sure the community doesn’t explode with all the other 5s, etc.”

What makes you happy?

“Bloodwing (Ms. Liru) Cheesy, I know, but if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be writing this interview, Liru wouldn’t exist, and I’d just be somebody else entirely.”

What is your #1 song on your playlist?

“Sleeping Powder by the Gorillaz. Always been a fan since I discovered them in the 7th Grade.”

What is your all-time favorite game at this point in time? and why?

“RTS: Homeworld (Classic 1999)

Shooter: Borderlands 3

And of course Arma 3 is somewhere in there.”

How long have you been a gamer? And how long have you been in TSB?

“Since I was 10 and my father introduced me to Homeworld and a few Star Wars games. It took a few years but I was finally able to beat him in Homeworld after countless battles of him kicking my ass, In Terms of TSB, almost 3 years now, even since Aunty brought us over from VG.”

What got you started in Gaming? And why did you join TSB?

“I’d say my father, and like I said in the previous question, Aunty brought us all over.”

What do you consider your greatest gaming moment/achievement? and in TSB? Can you tell us a bit about it?

“The fact that this has all lasted so long, i’m just as surprised as Wolf when we bring it up, especially considering the next question.”

What was your biggest gaming blunder? and in TSB?

“The 2-3 community ending (that were thankfully resolved) things I helped or entirely caused in my time within TSB. I’d prefer not to remember them.”

If you were one of the JCS in TSB, what would you change, and why?

“Homebrew has a meme for this somewhere… right now there isn’t really much to chang- OHH WAIT HOMEBREW NEVER MADE MY FREAKING HOMEWORLD CATACLYSM CHANNEL IN THE TEAMSPEAK EVEN


What has been some of the best moments you’ve had?

“I don’t mean to suck d*ck but Sniperwolf Ops. People tend to be better organized and the ops play out better than average, but at this point I’ll take any op I zeus that the playerbase doesn’t outright screw up and have a good time as a best moment, the 2nd Fallout op we did last Monday for example was pretty lit.”

What do you typically use to game?

“Logitech stuff… If anyone remembers that first XCOM op we did way back when, the HVI Andrewza put a tank shell into was Logitech’s Global Strategic partner for the company. Ever since him and I have talked and he’s hooked me up with a lot of cool Peripherals.”

If you were to describe TSB in as few words as possible, what would they be? (10 words max!)

“I want to be surprised, but I’m, not. READ DAMNIT.”

Favorite food and/or drink?

“Eel Sushi and a 45oz adult milkshake called the Mudslide from the Kalahari resort.”

If you were to pick the next interview to be published, who would it be, and why?

“Barbarian, my damned editor. He knows why. He’s one of my two editors currently on payroll and I wanna ask him something very VERY important!”

What would you ask this person you want interviewed?

“Where the F*** is that video that was due last week?
Jokes Aside
Who’s your waifu and why? Anime/Manga only you pleb.”

Now F4Skin had a question from his interview: “How much do you bet that you can out drink me? Ya know, considering i’m 19 years of age and probably a bigger alcoholic than you.”

“Honestly i’m a light weight, even my own mother makes fun of me for it because she’s a heavy freaking drinker. According to Bloodwing, I get tipsy at 5 shots, Drunk at 9, and black out past 15, though i’ve only done that once. No hangovers yet, thank god. Ohh, also, I have that gene that makes all beer taste like sh*t, hence why I prefer ciders. Funny thing is I’m 22 and I only discovered that about a month ago after someone brought it to my attention that that was a thing, so…yeah… fruity cocktails and blowjob shots for me I guess.”

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