TSB hosts this website, a teamspeak server and two BF4 servers (and we hope to host even more in the future). To pay for all this we rely on donations from the community, all donations go to the running and management of the servers and website, no one at TSB gets paid a wage or earns anything from all this!

As such we hope that you would consider contributing to the running costs of these servers, but it is NOT a compulsory requirement of TSB membership.  Its all free at TSB!

If you donate £5.- a month (or more), you will get a free priority slot on all our BF4 servers! So you will bypass all queues and go straight into battle.


Join TSB (It's Free!) TSB, The open community of gamers, for gamers by gamers, playing together! Less Drama and more playing. Our spotlight games and servers include, but are not limited to: ArmA 3, Battlefield 4, Minecraft, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, Elite:Dangerous, Ark: Survival Evolved, GTA-V, Euro Truck Simulator 2: Multiplayer and much, much more! Do you look to play games with others, and you have no idea where to go look for others? Stop looking, the chance is that we have gamers playing your game!