War Thunder, one of the world’s largest and most well known simulation games, has come to the TSB Gaming group in the form of our new TSB War Thunder Squadron!

This simulation game by Gaijin, the creators of CrossOut and the devs behind Il-2 Sturmovik, takes military vehicles from the 1920s and 1930s all the way up to the 1990s, and potentially, beyond, in the Air, Land, and Sea. This free-to-play game has over 1,000 playable vehicles of the 2nd World War, the Korean War, and the Cold War, with new additions such as the M1 Abrams and F-100 Super Sabre bringing War Thunder into the Gulf War and era of modern warfare.

You are able to chose your own path through the war machines history, with one of the many major military powers available for your pleasure, whether it be as the United States of America, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, or Japan. The game has over 80 maps of various sizes and features, both urban and open, with PvP matches of up to 32 players, and up to 64 for certain events.

War Thunder’s vehicle classes in the air are the nimble fighters, lumbering bombers, or versatile attackers and interceptors. Not up for aircraft? That’s fine! War Thunder also offers ground vehicles, from small light tanks, common medium tanks, or slow heavies, or even the self-propelled Anti-Aircraft, fun if you love the pew-pews and dakka. .

The game also has several battle modes, with the insanity of an arcade-style battle, where you can see everyone at all time, or the strategy of realistic battles, where you have to spot your enemy yourself. And if that’s too easy, well War Thunder’s got you covered with their Simulator battles. Want to fly a aircraft from the cockpit with all the controls, or sit directly in the commanders hatch of a tank, then you’re going to love Simulator battles. War Thunder is constantly in development, with the developers adding new vehicles, new maps, and sometimes, even a new country into the mix.

However, what does this have to do with TSB? Well, we have created TSB’s very own gaming squadron on War Thunder, with the tags [TSBG], so that everyone you are up against can see that you represent the TSB gaming group. If you are interested, message Jo1063 on Discord about joining the squadron. If you are unsure, we are holding an event for ALL members, if interested, to check out and try out the game, we will be holding a War Thunder event. Information about the event will be posted on the TSB Discord server for all members to see. If you are interested, please fill out the Google Form listed below!


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