TSB Hierarchy Explained

TSB Council Member – The people running TSB as a whole. They keep the servers running, make the “tough calls” and are ultimately responsible.

TSB Senior Staff – They have the same job as junior staff PLUS additional responsibilities and/or specializations on top of the Junior Staff position. These staff members are (in theory) the first point of contact if a junior staff member has a question.

TSB Junior Staff – Members with the additional task of welcoming and guiding new members into the community and keeping the other members in line. They moderate the Forum(s), Discord, Teamspeak and other points of contact. They also act as the first point of contact for members with questions.

TSB Member – Members have signed up and have an approved (!) introduction on the Forums. They have completed all the basic requirements to come in and play with all of us.

TSB Recruit – A recruit is a new member, or a member who has not had his or her Introduction filed and approved on the forum. Recruits are to be shown the way, helped by both members and Junior Staff.

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