TSB has many, many members. Most of them are honorable, play well and don’t cheat or break any rules or laws. However for those who break those rules in such a way they leave us no choice other than to issue a dishonorable discharge, we keep this special list.

Please note: This list is not to name and shame, it is to provide a record to show who we caught and what we did. Kind of like the public court records from the Department of Justice. We feel our members have the right to know what happened. And since gamers uses gaming aliases, there is no privacy issues since they cannot be traced back to an individual (Unless the person disclosed that information him/herself, in which case that was their own choice).

Alias / Gamer NameOther known AliasesDisciplinary ActionReason / Evidence
DVaderDavid / DaveVaderDishonorable DischargeGodmode / Cheating - Video
LewisN/ADishonorable DischargeSocial Engineering with intent to do harm to TSB - Confirmed by multiple independent sources.
Tarl DesneaTarlDishonorable DischargeCheating / Hacking - Confirmed by multiple independent sources.
Jamilxd"Jamilxd" / "Jamil_1234567890" / "Jamil123123"Dishonorable DischargeBlatant Racism & Ban Evasion
CAGE eVILCAGE eVIL#0028BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
Axcsal TSBAxcsal TSB#4426BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
TSB YellowTSB Yellow#7882BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
BowTie ThugBowTie Thug#9692BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
Senpai NeppySenpai Neppy#4246BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
Mars TSBMars TSB#4910 / Mars TSB#9853BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
Knight TSB/Hail HydraKnight TSB/Hail Hydra#8430BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
AsunaAsuna#4426BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
iANARCHYiANARCHY#9522BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
TSB SaintsTSB Saints#9109BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
Prophet TSBProphet TSB#0748BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
TSB Buzzard007(CFM)TSB Buzzard007(CFM)#0240BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.
TSB DarthTSB Darth#9078BANNEDClaiming/Pretending to be TSB member.

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