Post Scriptum, the latest game from Persicope Games, is a WW2 simulation game. The game is focusing on historical accuracy, large scale battle, difficult learning curve and an intense need for cohesion, communication and teamwork. The game is set to be released spring 2018.

You will be thrown into realistic WW2 scenario’s such as “Operation Market Garden”, famous for it’s movie “A bridge too far”. ‘The Bloody Seventh’, as this release is called, is the name for the initial release focusing at the struggle the British Paratroopers had to endure in the first few days of the operation as they were waiting for the armored divisions to catch up. The bloody battles that ensued in the lower Rhine regions is what this game initially about.

Post Scriptum comes, initially, with 4 maps ranging from 4km2 to a whopping 8km2.


Massive Multiplayer Battles

In a massive 50 vs. 50 multiplayer setting, you will be given the option to fight for i.e. the British Airborne Division, The Polish Brigade, the British XXX Corps or it’s German counterparts such as the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS. The battles around the famous “bridge too far” in Arnhem stretch from rural fields, farms, villages and even into the city itself. The developers, Periscope Games, aim to recreate realism. Recreating the maps from actual historical maps, photo’s and (where possible) recollections of veterans.


Post Scriptum is supposed to have 3 game modes upon release, of which the first one “Offensive” has been featured in a recent teaser. This game mode will have 2 versions “authentic” and “armory”. In Authentic both sides will only have those vehicles and weapons available that were available during the original battle. However, if you want to be more creative, you can go for “armory” in which case the availability of vehicles and weapons is almost unrestricted (within the scope of the game/battle that is).


We have not had the opportunity YET to play the game, so an in-depth review would be unfair. Needless to say is that we at TSB are VERY enthusiastic about this game, as it is looks like a stand-alone version of our beloved Iron Front in the mix with Battlefield™, but without the loathed ArmA physics and infamous Battlefield™ netcode issues. But before we draw any final conclusions, we will be monitoring this game up close and personal!

The game IS available on pre-order via Steam. For more information about the game, the available weapons, vehicles and other questions you may have, visit the Official Website.

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