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My First 30 minutes of TSB.

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PFC Dante

I'm Dante, Also known as Robert and I'm 27. I joined the TSB server group because of Liru, and seeing his gameplay. I was interested in the community, I thought it would be relaxed enough to enjoy personally. But, I have two concerns that I don't expect to be addressed or truly cared about as it requires others to be self reflective and its not in my action to do for them. I decided that it was worth being kicked to be able to tell certain people a piece of mind, because, of their interaction with new players, who were invited by Liru to join this Fridays operation. (source Video has been taken down)

To make myself clear, my intent of joining the server was never to troll, derail, harass, or generally be "bad" in Ops for ARMA. I wanted to join a semi-casual/realistic, fun, and active community; a tall order. To address who I am; I do have a combative personality type because I have a strong "take no shit" stance and I still feel like I am right for calling the T-5/4 players in the waiting area, with a exception of PogoLeaf and Excelarion, are a bunch of cunts and trash. I recognized that I took the short hand of explaining my problem with the interaction with the new players and my problem would really be with a select member of that chat at that time. I am not apologizing by admitting my own shortcomings I just want to give example that even-though I stand by what I said, I have room to grow. I would implore the reader to take this criticism as a moment to examine what you stand by and want to promote and effort to what you want to put in the community. As an example, a T-5/4 player said "Don't you hate when a bunch of new players ask the same question like 2 times?" That T-5/4 player shouldn't answer question, unless he's into sadomasochism and just loves being annoyed and being problematic.

Since, I have that out of the way let me begin with the real concerns.

First, All the new player (T-) are guest invited by Liru. The amount of short fused answer to basic questions about how to get started and where to be when and so on was absurd considering the point made previously. Second, if you are a T-5/4 and can't handle the new players for whatever reason don't put yourself in a position to deal with the questions and the "herding of cats", this is standard self-harm reduction as you always have a choice to deflect to someone who enjoys helping set up new players or telling simple instructions to access resources that subscribes self-help. This is standard for community building, creating tools and assets to assist with tasks and problems with a way to generate honest feedback. Which, if you stand to make money off of this endeavor of running an active ARMA community/gaming community this advice should be taken very seriously.

Next, I want to address an issue that is very toxic for the ARMA community and has been talked about here and there for years now and is still a problem. Your rank (tier) is a sign of skill and time spent, it is understandable that its a symbol of pride. But, it doesn't mean anything more than that. We are all human at the end of the day playing a game together, I understand ARMA being a metaphorical castle for a few reader and having new player is scary, because, you didn't invite them yourself. Also having a higher rank (tier) does grants a figure an elevated authority by the means of merit, this does have a tendency to lead toward corruption, isolation, and inhospitably This manifested when certain players were talking around and commenting on the new player base as more of an exhibit than a person. To drive home this elitism based on rank. When I addressed, although poorly by calling them cunts, I was greeted with the sound of "well who the fuck are you, who the fuck are you?" You have been kicked from the server So I guess the group stands above criticism and reflection on the behavior manifested.

As a note, although not as important but I need to say it in order to give context. I'm a right-leaning libertarian that's against enthno-nationalism as my work is in politics it is a big part of my life to support the libertarian party. I made a reference to my political stance as a side note for hearing ridiculous stuff as I actively engage in debates with my values and education, this is definitely where I fucked up. So its hard for me to not talk about it. After, being told "no politics" which I understand and agree with when I publicly declared saying "that's fair" since I use ARMA to escape my day to day and I don't want to cross into ARMA with it. I was then treated to by the comment by I believe the same T-5/4 member "Don't you hate it when new edgelords joins and say shit like we haven't heard it before?" followed by alt-right propaganda of how America was founded for only whites which is a clear violation of the ToS 5.6. Calling me an edgelord is a gross misunderstanding of who I am and what I do as a political commentator and community representative/educator of the principles of liberty.

All in all, my first 30 mins of being a part of TSB after being invited to join for a Friday Op I was first to be talk down too, then watched others be talk down to, and then called a edgelord for accidentally talking about my job. I am sure there are other who feel the same way as I do that left silently because of the quasi-celebrity status of Liru providing some kind of shield of criticism to the community as a "holier then Thou" ARMA deity. Cause new players are willing to suffer the harassment to play in a Liru ops of someone I would still consider a :orcs-censored: to new players. Unfortunately I'm not jaded or spineless enough to tolerate silently the harassment of others to others and myself.

Truly a welcoming community of gamers.

Note: Halfway through writing this I was going though what happened in my head, I have to say most of the T-5/4 don't deserve to be called cunts and I made a generalization that was based off of a bad line of thought. As I recall it was most likely just one person of rank(tier) who was being a :orcs-censored:. Which I still stand by calling him that.

TL;DR A select member of the higher tier of player was being an asshole to new players cause they can. Well enough for me to be an asshole back. Now I want to point out the issue that I hope inspires a community leader to examine behavior and just talk about how to treat new players.
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First off, let me apologize on behalf of TSB, You should feel welcome, like everyone else.

Unfortunatly due to my holiday I wasn't there myself so I cannot judge what happened and as things stand I only have your "side of the medal" coloring the matter.

Please do contact me here or on Discord to explain the matter further and I would be happy to investigate the matter further.

As it stands I will not comment on the precise matters untill I have spoken to both paries involved; I will lock the topic as I do not feel that there is much to contribute to this by means of an open Forum.

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Your overreaction is noted. You took a easily identifiable joke during a conversation YOU joined in on and decided to tumblrSJW yourself. From the other side of the story from my admins they were the same usual gruff shit, and half the stuff you say didnt happen. Go cause drama somewhere else. We dont base ourselves on Liru or his "celebrity" status, lol. we base ourselves on the community as a whole, which is... "less drama, more gaming". You clearly just enjoy trying to start shit with unrelated garbage, seeing your novel length post you've made. We do our best to provide all information needed, be it on the discord, teamspeak, website, etc. We mostly ask for people to use their brains and read. Yes, some of my admins are kind of edgy and rude, but this is the internet. if you get butthurt about someone making fun of you, you dont need to be on the internet anyway. If you decide to stay after any of this, please keep an open mind and calm the fuck down. this is the internet where people say hurtful things all the time. If not, I hope you find somewhere you can be happy.