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FNG help

Including Altis Life and other mods.

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30 Jun 2018, 16:18

Hey everyone

Im sure this thread has been brought up numerous time but im trying to get up and running with everything from mods to teamspeak and I was hoping someone savvy with all this could spare 5-10 minutes to speak with me and get me up and running. Im really eager to get playing, Om currently working in Iraq so my schedule is a little off from most on here. Send me a message on steam darbyndammer42 or Warrdog and we can speak. Thanks in advance for any help.
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TSB Member
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01 Jul 2018, 01:05

the hell are you on about?
Veni Vedi Vici

01 Jul 2018, 06:37

I though it was pretty self explanatory but Ill start again. I need help on how to get TeamSpeak up and running and running the mods for the training and ops. Is that a bit more clear?

01 Jul 2018, 10:25

disregard, Pogo and Azariah gave me a hand so I good for now.
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