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OPTRE: Where to start

Including Altis Life and other mods.

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Lcpl. Liru
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TSB Senior Staff
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25 Jun 2018, 04:18

She's all ready to go. Fully tested by myself and stress tested by my standard QA procedures, blah blah blah. Crippled legs will be fixable by bandages for balance, paks will only take a few seconds cause 2525ish in the year, and most of you will have assault rifles. BR-55s will go to TEAM AND SQUAD LEADS HAHAHA! Also ill provide instructions in these posts on how to config your buttons to use your HUD pieces and stuff, it's all really cool! There's even scorpions that can be solo crewed and Grizzly tanks for mech ops!!! But alas...with this might modset...I need you to help me choose what we're going to do with it!

So here's a strawpoll, BUT i'll give it at the END of the shpeal cause I want you to know what each thing is first! So without further adieu, here are the options we have:

Op Concept: General UNSC Marines Ops
Playercount recommended: 30+
Description: Basically, take what we do on Fridays and give it a Halo Vibe: Full access to everything in your kit, all vehicles, a loose set of ops every time, etc.
Special Notes: Just about how standard this modset can get

Op Concept: ODST Spec Ops/Wet Work
Playercount recommended: 18-30
Description: ODST ops starting in a UNSC frigate (made by Grizzly58) where you chose your dropzone on the map, drop, and execute a mission. All Infantry focused
Special Notes: Spawn on Frigate in high orbit, Drop Pods, mostly night ops, mainly infantry focused

Op Concept: UEG Rebel Ops
Playercount recommended: 30+
Description: A bit more like mondays: limited vehicles and support to do more insurgent style operations. Captured assets can be very useful! More emphasis on looting. If you wanna play as a general infantry man, this is the harder chance of getting your preferred weapon
Special Notes: Underdogs, insurgents, more loose, more likely to get wiped by Zeus

Op Concept: Spartan ops
Playercount recommended: Less than 12 Spartans, Marines for support roles
Description: Similar to How this Op played out: ... =28&t=2587 (old sign up sheet) (video) These ops will be low playercount and high risk objective. The Spartan armor is like a discount nanosuit if you remember that mod. Ops will look difficult for you, but so long as you behave with a brain it's completely possible. These ops will be reserved for T-2s and for first pick if chosen.
Special Notes: God like ops, very difficult.

Op Concept: Insurgent Escape
Playercount recommended: 20-30
Description: The pinnacle of the Syndikat campaigns based off of the old FIA campaign and Antistasi, I'll put you on a small map and you will have X many ingame hours (for about 5-10 in game sessions) to "escape" the planet on a UNSC frigate before Operation Trebuchet happens and you get wiped. The places you hit and go will be HEAVILY SCRIPTED but it's a small map so a lot of it will be running all at once. I will manage arsenals through playthroughs and your end goal will be to get to and board a frigate somewhere on the map that you'll need to find. Once it's clear, you win! This is the best chance to play with BR55s as a standard infantyman due to the nature of the campaign.
Special Notes: Mini Campaign, looting focused, end game oriented.

Of course, mechanized ops and other works are being tested as we speak, but I unfortunately cannot offer them at this time, as to they need more testing! We may have an air escort op soon though! I'm working out quite a bit!

FINAL NOTES: These will start as SIGN UP OPS and if demand is high, possibly interchange with Chernorussian stuff on Mondays

Note: you can vote on as many choices as you'd like, BUT I SINCERELY ASK THAT YOU JUST CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE 2 PLEASE!
Strawpol link:

Feel free to ask questions below!
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TSB Member
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25 Jun 2018, 05:41

I love the idea of possible role play and a campaign in the insurgent escape op but I don't really like the looting idea, it just always ends with someone looting in the middle of a firefight and getting their squad killed
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