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01 Mar 2018, 07:29

Hi !,
I am having severe problems with my new pc. I will probably return it. This process could take me a bit of time.
hopefully less than a few weeks, but I am not sure. hopefully the replacement will work fine. See you soon.
TSB Member
TSB Member
Posts: 30
Joined: 06 Sep 2017, 11:32

09 Mar 2018, 21:07

i had irl problems so hopefully i will be back by may 2018
TSB Member
TSB Member
Posts: 36
Joined: 22 Jun 2017, 05:06

12 Mar 2018, 16:54

Taking a break until summer break in late may
TSB Member
TSB Member
Posts: 8
Joined: 03 Nov 2017, 17:10


12 Mar 2018, 18:51

Got a new job last week and its taking alot of my free time, so wont be possible to attend to many ops in the future. But i will try to attend as many ops as i can.

Have a great day!
TSB Member
TSB Member
Posts: 15
Joined: 14 Sep 2017, 21:27

21 Mar 2018, 16:27

I'll be gone from Thursday, March 22 to Wednesday, April 4.

24 Mar 2018, 18:02

Will be away an vacation to Hawaii from 26 March the 11th of May

04 Apr 2018, 23:15

Around the end of May, 20th or so 22 will be gone for a while, retraining and all that shit over again. Time of return is a big "who fucking knows".

11 Apr 2018, 22:14

I'm currently in a weird transition period where I'm exiting high school and looking around saying "well, what now". I need a month or two to figure things out. I should be returning by the start of June at the latest.

29 Apr 2018, 04:27

I'll be gone for approximately two weeks as of April 28, taking a small holiday from the community, potluck zeusing will hopefully still happen, but all other activities hosted by me will be canceled until I return.
Jake Kingsly
TSB Member
TSB Member
Posts: 10
Joined: 31 Aug 2017, 14:21

02 May 2018, 12:14

I will be back in about 2 weeks, have a completely useless mic and need to replace it.
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TSB Junior Staff
TSB Junior Staff
Posts: 20
Joined: 10 Mar 2017, 13:40

02 May 2018, 12:30

I'll be gone for an unknown period of time due to the untimely passing of my computer. Earliest realistic time for my return is mid June. Stay classy TSB, always do as Daddy Sniperwolf tells you, remember that it is nice to be important but more important to be nice, appreciate big money, big women and big fun.

Primo Victoria
If a lot of people love each other the world would be a better place to live
~ Tommy Wiseau
TSB Council
TSB Council
Posts: 42
Joined: 19 Feb 2017, 12:09

12 May 2018, 02:11

Be gone for a week or so, reachable thru steam or discord.

21 May 2018, 03:08

I'll be around, but I'm not sure if I'll be playing a lot of Arma. Kinda weird playing on roommate's computer. Have fun guys!
Will be on a lot more once I get mine to stop crashing.
Jake Kingsly
TSB Member
TSB Member
Posts: 10
Joined: 31 Aug 2017, 14:21

22 May 2018, 00:33

Mic finally died. Not sure when i will get a new one, I'll be on ts here and there until i get a new one.

22 May 2018, 21:22

Will be gone May 29th to June 14th on a trip to Italy.
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