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Maniac's Only war Campaign

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So far in the Story the Guards men Got Shot down in the suburbs of Hive City Hellsreach By Chaos Forces.

After securing their landing zone they pushed in to a Banblade Manifactorum where they found about 28 Baneblade missing while noting it they pushed on towards their objective.

They found their objective inside the Hive city's Repository and after fighting their way into the vault containing their Mission they Encountered a Squad of Sisters of Battle that apparently had the same Mission.

After a minor miscommunication the Sisters stopped firing on them and they managed to escape the vault before the Sisters found out that they had Claimed all info in a Data Storage Device and as they left they hears load swearing behind them from the Sister Superior.

After Getting Back to Base they Witnesses a Inquisitor shooting their Commanding Officer.

Later after getting their squad put under a Commissar they where Sent out is to the wild just outside the Hive City to Guard a Knight titan that had been Disabled by Ork forces.

It ended with a training regiment of Vostroyans wasting 14 Transport ships worth of Mantacore missiles and Just as the squad pulled out of the Trenches the Training regiment Launched a DeathStrike Missile.

And all that Munition was shoot at nothing.

After that peculiar event they where tasked with escorting 4 Basilisk Self Propelled Artillery Tanks During their escort mission they ran in to a squad of Chaos Raptors and 4 out of the 28 Stolen Baneblades.

They Managed to Kill the Raptors and the Basilisk Managed to knock out 1 of the Banebladed before getting de-crewed.

So the Squad Had to do a Tow Train Where they had to tow back all 4 of the Basilisk's