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Tabletop RPG General Rules

Moderators: TSB Junior Staff, Dungeon Masters

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TSB Senior Staff
TSB Senior Staff
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28 Oct 2018, 19:34

The TSB Code Of Conduct is considered overriding these present rules. Any breach of the TSB Code Of Conduct elevates any issue from internal matters of the TSB tabletop community to TSB as a whole.

a DM’s Powers include:
- Issuing a verbal warning.
- Session kick (excluding a player from 1 to 3 sessions).
- Kicking a player from his/her campaign or all of his/her campaigns.
- May Choose who can join his/her campaigns.

- A DM’s game ruling is final. You may provide data and evidence, but once the DM has pronounced his/her final decision, disputing it further may lead to punishment at the DM’s discretion.

- Being disruptive may also incur a warning or disciplinary action.

- The level of Disciplinary action is up to the DM, who has authority on that matter.

- The player may appeal to the DM, once after 24 hours have gone by after the initial verdict, a player may only appeal to the DM once.

- If an offender is repeatedly disruptive and/or violates probation, they may be subjected to a ban from the TSB Tabletop community.

- A DM has absolute authority over their campaigns.

- If a player has a complaint about a DM or his/her ability, please contact a member of the TSB Tabletop Staff (Maniac646/Slade/Can of Toast).

Feedback/DM review

A DM is subject to review when complaints are received about his/her ability to perform. However, past decisions are not subject to review (i.e. Previous disciplinary actions).

What happens in the TSB tabletop community stays within the tabletop community and vice versa. Toxicity overflowing from other parts of the community are considered harassment and will be handled according to the TSB Code of Conduct.

If a Player or DM have any questions ask a Staffmember (Maniac/Slade/Can of Toast) or an Expert

You are welcome to drink(alcohol) but Gm or Players can refuse to play with you are to drunk and/or belligerent.

Certain campaigns may contain violent/sexist/racist undertones or settings, this is not meant to offend or otherwise target anyone, it is a simple fact that since this is an 18+ community we are tackling mature subjects

Staff exception
The Staff have the power and authority to change, update, alter and adjust the above policy, after approval and enforcement from the TSB Council,(retroactively) without prior notification.

Apprentice = 1 one shot

Journeyman = 3 Session plus Common Sense, Improvisation, and Session Readiness

Expert =

1.He/She needs to be able to host at least ONE session and/or one-shot a fortnight.
2.He/She needs to be able to actively maintain the administration required of a DM.
3.He/She needs to be able to provide a safe environment (i.e. no harassment, bickering, etc.) for ALL his/her players.
4.He/She needs to be able to show, by his/her actions that he/she can be trusted to handle the powers given to them by the players.
5.He/She needs to be able to assert his/her authority in matters of conflict between players and/or when the storyline is concerned.
6.He/She needs to be able to follow a consistent storyline.
7.He/She needs to be able to demonstrate a certain proficiency in Improvisation.
8.He/She needs to be able to independently create or help create characters.
9.He/She needs to be able to demonstrate knowledge of the RPG rules as well as the TSB Tabletop Rules and the TSB Code of Conduct and adhere to these. This includes the “common sense”.

Game System is up to the DM but as of now we use Tabletop Simulator

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