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This forum is all about video, video editing, tips, tricks, useful software, and much much more.
Looking into a co-op project for your streaming video's? Or want to share your stream? This is the place to go.

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TSB First Lieutenant
TSB First Lieutenant
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17 Feb 2018, 16:49

We have many people in TSB who stream their gaming sessions

If you yourself stream on twitch you can "stream to" the on there via adding it on your dashboard in Twitch:Image

Doing this means everyone who follows the TSBgamers Community on Twitch can see you streaming.

You can also add your profile link as a reply to this post
like this:
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Liru's T2
Liru's T2
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20 Feb 2018, 01:16

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TSB First Lieutenant
TSB First Lieutenant
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20 Feb 2018, 01:46

Oh I have an arma unit which is meant for messing around and be serious when required, here's some links: ... ing-puddi/ ... uddi-puddi

Puddi Puddi Giga Pudding :D
Liru's T0
Liru's T0
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27 Feb 2018, 19:09


02 May 2018, 02:59
I stream whatever, whenever, if I have a computer

13 Jun 2018, 11:46

Followed all those channels! Can't wait to catch some streams this weekend.
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16 Jun 2018, 21:38

I stream a little bit now I can.
Liru's T1
Liru's T1
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Joined: 11 Sep 2018, 21:04

03 Nov 2018, 22:23

Hello all,
My twitch is:

I mostly stream ARMA 3, operations and KOTH
I also occasionally will stream GTAV

follow for follow :D
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