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Bjorn's Tips and Tricks, hints and suggestions

Doing some fancy Solo flying, the Saggitarius A* run, or just want to talk about ship loadout? Come in and join the fun!

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This is a Work in progress!

In this topic (And I will update this post accordingly) I will give you some useful hints, tips, tricks and suggestions for Elite Dangerous. I'm no expert by any means, but these tips and tricks have been gathered from other places, tested (by myself and others) and thus are regarded as verified and working.

Please note: I have no affiliation with these recommendations whatsoever. I posted them in a RANDOM order. Any appearance of preference-treatment is therefore non-existent.

Useful Websites
  • - Elite Trading Network. Find the most profitable trading routes in the galaxy. You can even define your start- and endpoint as well as your ships configuration for the most profitable runs. You can even import your ships from Coriolis and ED:M.
  • - The (in)famous Elite Dangerous Data Base. It contains all the information used by almost all other websites (including, gathered by commanders like you and me using tools such as the Elite Dangerous Market Connector (more on that below).
  • - Inara is a tool where you can connect with other commanders; Store and upload your flight-logs and keep track of your fleet, income and assets. Rumours are this website is no longer updated, but I have found no evidence to these rumours, although EDSM now also has incorporated some of Inara's features.
  • - The Elite Dangerous Star Map; A project that keeps track of all the known stars in the E:D universe and the distances between them. This project als features integration with a LOT of software tools (below) and keeps automatic track of your status, income and journeys. By helping this project, you more or less help yourself and others. Really neat.
  • - This tool is great for searching specific ships, loadout, cargo or trading stations for specific items and rarities. I use it as an addition to eddb or when eddb is down for maintenance. It uses it's own databases although they synchronische with eddb so it functions even in a worst case scenario. Their data tends to be a little behind on eddb, but useful none the less.
  • - A website all about ships, loadout, etc. Here you can test your current loadout, experiment with better ones, what combinations work best or even use the suggested loadouts as a base. This website helps you configure your ship to perform at peak performance for the task you have it doing. A must-use website as you can import the configurations into ETN, Inara and EDSM for better customization of missions and suggestions.
  • - Elite Dangerous Trading Database. A really useful tool for discovering rare items, good trade routes and trade loops.
Useful Software
  • EDMarketConnector - This little tool will send updates to eddb and other sites with market and commodity prices at the stations and systems you dock at. You help to keep the other websites such as eddb and current by helping to run this in the background. And yes, it's safe.
  • EDDiscovery - Keeps track of your flight, events, finances, etc. and posts them (if you want) to EDDM/EDDB/EDSM etc.
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EDengineer - A tool to help you with engineers. Overlay or second window which fetches your current materials and data and displays what you need to get for different blueprints
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