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06 Sep 2017, 03:10

So backstory so you dont think i am insane and i am rich:
family member passed and i got some extra money and i am not that poor and dont live on the street
ok back story over

ok i want a whole new desktop and monitors and stuff i can sell some of my current stuff and what ever but my budget is 3100$ or lower i would like lower but i can sell my current stuff so .. but i want 2 monitors and a good gaming pc i dont want a set amount of specs just something that would be good at gaming which would be better specs but you get what i am saying i hope i am not very technical prob because watching all of you people play arma but what every so you pc warriors hmu
TSB Member
TSB Member
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06 Sep 2017, 13:07

Hi could you give more info about what games and software you will be running? like GTA5 and Arma 3.and if you are going to record gaming videos
and do you need an OS like windows 10 and what about other things to like keyboard, mouse, headset?

here is something i just took 10 minutes to kinda spec out but you would have to see if there are any could get the price down some if you were going to substitute if you don't need this High End of a PC
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TSB Member
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29 Nov 2017, 17:47

What parts are you selling?
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