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Unable to get TFAR into Teamspeak

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Moderator: TSB Senior Staff

Skalock Daemon

Honestly no idea whats happening. Followed both youtube vids how to get the mod presets and TFAR plugin working, but when i go into TFAR files as per video it seems to open a link that reinstalls itself. Even force command to open with Teamspeak doesnt help

Already checked to make sure the files for teamspeak and TFAR are working/not crashing Arma, and reinstalled both. Something I'm missing or should try?
Skalock Daemon

Managed to figure it out thanks to help form nemesis and mildly interested.

In case anyone has the same problem as me:

what happened: if you go into tfar folders->teamspeak and see the ts3.plugin files but the icon is a web browser thus not installing the plugin into teamspeak

solution: right click the file, open properties. in the pop there is a line under file name that reads something like " open with" to right is a button called "change" click that, then from the drop done menu select " look for another app". Go to the teamspeak folders and select the file that reads "package_inst". Save/apply and then close properties. Double click the ts3.plugin file and it should now bring up an install launcher as shown in the videos.

oh, and this is all for windows if that wasn't obvious. but other operating software should, I think, follow the same general principle.