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really really bad frames what should i upgrade?

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TSB Member
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i have an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6core 3.40GHz

g skill ripjaw DDR4 2000 2X8 GB sticks

EVGA Geforce GT 1030

and motherboard is ROG strix B450-f

if anyone has any ideas for upgrades or help it would be much appreciated because i usually get 24 frames when its good and i just ran a halo op and it was droping to 9 frames most of the time.
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You have a 1030 or a 1080?

If you actually have a 1030, and it's not a typo; an upgrade to a 1070/1080 may solve at least your framerate issues.

In case you already have a 1080 have a look at what other kind of software is running in the background. It sounds weird, but if too much background processes hog up the PC, it loses the capacity to display the game. Only keep the essentials running and have no browsers or other stuff open you don't need.

Another option is changing the resolution, as long as you keep the aspect the same, i.e. from 1920x1080 to 1080x720. It's not ideal, but you may get a descent 30fps out of it, maybe even better.

Final option is the most expensive one; a dual GFX card with SLI-bridge. 2x1070 or 2x1080 or if you won the lottery: 2x2080
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