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Cannot join TSB #2 server for T-1 training

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Moderator: TSB Senior Staff

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Hello. On Tuesday, 08/07/18, I tried to join the TSB#2 server for basic infantry training. I was about 30 minutes late due to school, however, I had all the required mods from the list, which I checked multiple times. Every time I tried to join the server, I would recieve the following error:

You cannot play/edit this mission it is dependent on content that has been deleted.a3DV_model.

You are missing a mod
check your mods

30 min late is a "no fucking training for you"
you show up with the correct mods, before the training time, not after

Ok. I went through all the mods I had loaded in and the only discrepancy I found was the Ace Compatibility files for RHS weren't from the steam workshop, but from the ace mod's local files. I would assume that was the issue.
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