Forbidden’s Drop-in Campaign


Date(s) - 15/12/2019
20:00 - 02:00


Welcome to the world of Aëla (it means “world” in an Ancient Language).

This world is a planet very much like Earth, with the notable exception that it has one large “central” continent and a dozen other smaller continents. Periodically (every millenia to be precise) a massive surge of magic is felt throughout the world, and a rift between dimensions rip apart the center of the continent, killing all life within a hundred kilometers in every direction. This is the Calamity Rift. From this rift exits torrents of creatures of death, spirits and energies that don’t belong to this reality. This rift is created by what is referred to the Three Great Destroyers. Those are avatars of the gods of Chaos, Darkness and Void respectively. Each day that passes, the area affected by the rift extends, as it slowly rips apart reality. To fight this apocalyptic events, the Gods (also called the Divines) create several heroes (the number can go from a handful to a litteral army, they don’t have any special qualities despite advancing in power at an accelerated pace and being capable of wielding objects of Divine nature). Those heroes are not brought forth from another universe or this one, but are created by the Divines from start to finish (aka they don’t have a backstory because this is a drop-in campaign). Those heroes are then tasked with recovering the Six Divine Artifacts.

The Six Divine Artifacts were the essence of the blessing of the Divines of Death, War, Life, Radiance, Peace and Valor, which were created when the Calamity Rift first appeared. Wielded by the First Heroes, they defeated the Three Great Destroyers, closed the rift, and bought the world a thousand years of peace. However, despite having their purpose fulfilled, the artifacts didn’t disappear, and stayed in the hand of the heroes, the only persons on this world capable of wielding them. Of course, the inevitable happened, and the heroes were drawn into the purely mortal conflicts of this realm. It lead to what is known as the Great Hero War, which tore up the continent, destroying an entire third of the world’s population and arguably doing FAR more damage than the Calamity ever did. The war was ended when the Divines intervened, creating another group of heroes in secret, before tasking them with eliminating the remaining heroes, and acquiring their artifacts. And so they did, the new group of heroes (named the “Reclamators”, but more commonly known as “The Second Heroes”) found and killed every remaining hero that possessed one of the artifacts (sometimes with the help of other First Heroes, some repentant, others trying to acquire the artifacts from themselves). After a full decade of assassinations, betrayal and intrigue, all 6 artifacts were reacquired by the Reclamators and the few First Heroes that genuinely wanted to restore peace to the world. Together, they built six great temples, each design to house and protect a Divine Artifact, and that could only be opened by heroes, with trials to determine if, yes or no, they were worthy of wielding such power. After sealing the artifacts away in the temples, the heroes proceeded to live their lives, and died off over time.

Since then, an untold number of cycles has passed, generations of heroes wielded those weapons and fought the Three Great Destroyers, and time and time again, millenia after millenia, the world was saved. Sometimes they almost failed, others they fought with unwavering strength and purpose, but always, mindful of the mistake of the First Heroes, they returned the artifacts to their temples, and sealed them away for the next generation of heroes to use.

And you, my friends, are the new generation of heroes, welcome to the world.