Get Unbanned

Before you fill in the form, please make sure you have read our server-rules, and the rules for filling the form below!

Unbanning Process

  1. After reading this document you will submit the form below.
    • NOTE: The submit button will appear after you have agreed to the terms(checkbox).
  2. An admin will review your case.
  3. If required the JCS (Community Leaders) will look into the case.
  4. You will be informed of the decision.
  5. There is no further appeal possibility after this; All decisions based on your appeal are final.
  6. After a decision has been made it is irrevocable and no further correspondence will take place.
  7. You MAY re-appeal after 3 months, but you may be put on probation for a month.
    • Probation: this means that with any infraction of the rules, however minor, the ban will be reinstated with no questions asked and without the possibility of an appeal for at least another 3 months.

Form Rules

  1. Only the account-holder may ask for lifting his/her ban. Do not ask “on behalf of…”. We deal directly with you, and not intermediaries.
  2. Do not use Google Translate, Bing Translate or any other translator. If you don’t speak English, give it up.
  3. Be sure to have read our server-rules.

Defense rules

  1. Used hacks? Too bad, if we catch you the perm-ban is permanent. ‘nuf said.
  2. Some things are just morally wrong, such as discrimination, profanity, trolling, etc. We’d love to hear why you did that, after all; “it’s only a game”…
  3. Ignorance is not an excuse. “I didn’t know”, “I didn’t read the chat” or “I was not aware of the rules” is NEVER an excuse. We DO have rules, just “no weapon rules”, be aware of them.
  4. If someone else was using your account; tough luck. It’s your account and you are responsible.
  5. Measuring your action by that of others is NOT an excuse; “but he did…” or “X was doing the same”, tough, you got caught.
  6. “I didn’t get warned” or “I did not see a warning”… Right, Those Massive yellow letters in your screen were not for you? Even in general, they count as a warning to ANYONE, that means you too. So make sure you have your chat enabled and pay attention to admin-messages.
  7. “I was banned for no reason” isn’t a defense; It implies one of our admins is a liar. You’d better have a strong case and video evidence to prove!
  8. “My friends are witnesses”, yup and biased. We take your account and that of the admin and compare stories. We form our own opinions based on that, and that is usually more than enough.
  9. Make sure your actions were not against our server-rules, and that you have read them. Yes I know we repeat this a lot, but we cannot stress this enough.

Please read the above before submitting, and provide as much proof and evidence as you can (witnesses are neither proof nor evidence).

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer / TruckersMP

If you have been banned on the ETS2MP and/or TruckersMP servers, you will need to go HERE.

We have no affiliation with Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer or TruckersMP servers at all.

Get unbanned from our Battlefield 4 Servers

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