Battlefield Servers

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Server rules

These rules apply to ALL our Battlefield™ servers.

  1. You are a guest on our servers, behave as such.
    • Enforcement under the applicable rules.
  2. All our communications are in English, we expect the same from our guests.
    • 1st offence: Warning
    • 2nd offence: Mute (1 round)
    • nth offence: 60 minutes temp-ban.
  3. Listen to the Admins; This is not negotiable.
    • 1st offence: Warning
    • 2nd offence: Kick
    • nth offence: 24 hours temp-ban
  4. No Profanity.
    • 1st offence: Warning
    • 2nd offence: Mute (1 round)
    • 3rd offence: Kick
    • nth offence: 60 minutes temp-ban
  5. No Intolerance; This includes but is not limited to: discrimination, political statements, WWII references, Terrorism glorification, homophobia and/or religious bigotry.
    • 1st offence: Mute (1 round)
    • 2nd offence: kick
    • 3rd offence: 24 hour temp ban
    • nth offence: 1 week temp ban
  6. We have no weapon rules; You are allowed to use ALL weapons and loadouts on our server.
    • No enforcement, you’re free to do whatever you please.
  7. Do not pose as an admin if you’re not.
    • 1st offence: Permanent Ban
  8. Don’t be an idiot, and use your common sense.
    • Enforcement under the applicable rules.

Server #2 Sunken Dragon specific:

  • No Baseraping, stealing choppers from enemy base to maintain the balance.
    • 1st offence: Warning
    • 2nd offence: Kick
    • nth offence: 24 hour temp ban

Server #6 Metro 24/7 specific:

  • Do NOT cap A or C under 20 players. Play for B only, otherwise the balance is off.
    • 1st offence: Warning
    • 2nd offence: Kill
    • nth offence: Kick

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TSB is a community of gamers for gamers. We pride ourselves in the great support we get for our work and our servers.

We cannot survive without your support!

And of course you get something in return; if you donate £5. (or more) a month, you will get a reserved slot on all our BF4 servers! So you will bypass all the queues and go straight into battle. Can we count on you?

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Join TSB (It's Free!) TSB, The open community of gamers, for gamers by gamers, playing together! Less Drama and more playing. Our spotlight games and servers include, but are not limited to: ArmA 3, Battlefield 4, Minecraft, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, Elite:Dangerous, Ark: Survival Evolved, GTA-V, Euro Truck Simulator 2: Multiplayer and much, much more! Do you look to play games with others, and you have no idea where to go look for others? Stop looking, the chance is that we have gamers playing your game!